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Bees at Work
Welcome to Sherborne Beekeepers' Association

Our membership extends to the numerous villages around Sherborne and the members' experience of beekeeping varies between those who are just starting to those who have kept bees for 30 years or more.

Our aim is to share our experience, improve the standard of beekeeping and raise awareness of the benefits and enjoyment of beekeeping to the public.

During the beekeeping season we host regular monthly visits to apiaries and during the winter season there are a range indoor meetings when we invite speakers from outside to talk on a wide range of subjects.

Our Association Apiary near Leweston aims to give new beekeepers or anyone interested in taking up beekeeping the opportunity to experience and to gain confidence in looking after bees.  New beekeepers can also call on a "mentor" who will be willing to give assistance if needed.

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