2 Apr 2017

 During the course of my spring inspection today, the bees had built up some drone brood between frames.  I found an unwelcome visitor inside one of the drone cells.  The bees all seem very calm, and rapidly building up their spring stores.  It was the perfect day for...

9 Mar 2017

 Lots of activity at the apiary today with temperatures up to 14C.  Full production is getting underway with lots of pollen coming in.  Bit of a problem with foundations of the hive stand as a family of moles seem to have been enjoying the shelter over the winter....

16 Feb 2017

Lovely warm afternoon when the temperatures reached a balmy 12c.  Perfect for checking how the bees have coped with the ravages of winter, and to see how the stores of fondant are doing. Great to see that there is plenty of activity, and that the first batch of fondant...

17 Jan 2017

Thanks to Kevin Pope and his advice on the Asian Hornet at last nights meeting. Encourage your friends and neighbours to make up an Asian Hornet Trap before the season starts. The NBU guidance document will guide you through the process.

17 Jan 2017

The honey bee. Superficially they are aliens; 6 legs, antennae, mandibles, compound eyes - there isn't much to relate to. But like the other social insects if you take the time to look into the honey bee's world, we've more in common than first appears. Step inside the...

2 Jan 2017

Please remember that your BDI Insurance certificate will be sent electronically this year, so watch your email for yours, and keep it safe.  Contact Gill if you have not recieved yours.

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March 26, 2017

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