Saturday Afternoon meetings at Leweston Apiary

Throughout the summer months usually commencing the first Saturday in April (weather permitting) commencing at 2.30pm.

The Apiary manager will direct operations for the afternoon depending on members and bees requirements.

Members should bring their own beekeeping protection gear, hive tools are kept on site.

Guests are welcome having checked with the Apiary Manager but please ensure they have adequate protective gear and chaperone them from their arrival at the apiary and for the full duration of their visit.

The Mitre Inn

Winter Meeting Programme

Evening talks will be at The Mitre Inn Sandford Orcas commencing at 07.30pm.

17 Jan 2020

Festive Meal

All Welcome

At The Mitre Inn -

Here is the menu.  This promises to be a fun night. All members very welcome.  Please contact Jill to book your place

10 Feb 2020

Anaphylactic Shock

John Barber

For some, a sting can cause a dramatic – and potentially life threatening – allergic reaction.  Find out more about the danger signs and treatment. 

From Artist to Bees

Paula Carnell

Paula will speak on how bees came into and then took over her life, global travels, including Oman, Bhutan, USA, Canada learning about the connections between bees and humans and where the bees are healthy, and where they are sick.As the beekeeper of The Newt in Somerset, she shares how her ‘learnings from the bees’ has shaped this inspirational project to educate and create a safe environment for bees to thrive.

05 Apr 2020


John Bebbington

John will explore the role of bees - wild, social and solitary species as well as Honeybees - in pollination and the intricacies of the ways in which flowers have developed structures to ensure pollination.

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