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Do you have a swarm?

Beekeepers are often approached about winged, flying creatures, especially in the spring and summer period, when they are their most active simply working and are no cause for alarm.

Here you find links to find out what kind of insect you have and therefore what to do about it. The most common insects are honeybees, bumblebees and wasps. There are other kinds of insects that are confused with these.

This section will link you to how to identify honeybees or a swarm of honeybees and provide information to help you know what to do.

Your Local Swarm

Collection Team

A Typical Swarm

Judy Easdale

Tel 01963 220984

Mob 07719 578209


Richard Hale

Tel 01935 817653

Mob 07850 582147


Roger Kipling

Tel 01935 850926


Tony Thorp

Tel 01963 250732

Watch a swarm being introduced to a hive

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